OptiFine HD: Make Minecraft Faster

11. 27. 2022

OptiFine HD: Make Minecraft Faster

Optifine HD is a mod that help us get a significant boost to FPS for Minecraft-er.

In a flexible way, this mod works even you play alone or connecting to other people. But there is one problem, if you're playing online, the owner which hosted servers must have Optifine HD mod installed on their server, so after that you could use this mod for online playing.

This Optifine HD mod work well with any version of Minecraft 1.8, but if your version is older, we could handle it !!! You can check for older version of Optifine HD in the link below.

There are many many new elements in this mod. To gain precious experiences of this mod, you should follow these step : set graphics to fast, set render distance to short or tiny, turn off smooth lighting, set performance to max FPS, set AdvancedOpenGL to fast, turn off clouds, turn

off fog, turn off animations, the sky and the stars. If you don't have a good PC, it's possible to enjoy Minecraft even on older computers.